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Make your Bitcoin life richer.
DEFI, which makes cross-chain application more efficient and has the characteristics of risk resistance and fruits, makes Bitcoin investment more perfect
DFBTC is a decentralized program to solve the problem of BTC to Ethereum cross-chain. It solves the underlying technology problem of BTC cross-chain to Eth and other cross-chain. It has the characteristics of anti-risk and fruits, for which it can increase BTC's profits with higher security and fruits.
DFBTC standardizes Bitcoin into ERC20 format DFBTC at a rated ratio of 1:10000 in order to increase the security when BTC floats greatly as well as obtain fruits (AOM).
DFBTC operation process

Accept BTC users to send the DFBTC purchase token request to the program. After the program receives the BTC and verifies the validity is completed,users can choose to pledge mining and start to obtain fruits (AOM). The fruits will be settled and sent to the user's purchase wallet address every day.

After the expiration, the user chooses to redeem BTC, and the user initiates a token redemption request. After the program receives the DFBTC and the verification is completed, the DFBTC will be destroyed. The program verifies the BTC redemption address and sends BTC to the redemption address. The whole process is completely decentralized.

Users can start mining after purchasing DFBTC. The AOM obtained will be sent to the user's wallet according to the algorithm automatically .

2020.4 Development
2021.3 Official website online
2021.4 Code online
2021.6 Online Dex